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Aircraft of the Month for August 1999

BAe Nimrod MRA4

The Nimrod MRA4 (previously known as Nimrod 2000) is a major upgrade of the Nimrod MR.2P; the airframe, engines, cockpit, mission systems, and radar are all upgraded. It will perform three important missions: anti-submarine warfare (ASW), anti-surface unit warfare (ASUW) and search and rescue (SAR). It was BAe's submission to the RAF's Nimrod replacement program, and it competed against Lockheed Martin's Orion 2000, Dassault's Atlantique 3, and Loral's P-3 Valkyre (P-3A/Bs re-engined and rebuilt). The Nimrod was chosen on 25 July 1996. Work began on the first of 21 Nimrods to be rebuilt in early 1997. The aircraft will be delivered from 2001-2005 and the planned year of service entry with the RAF is 2003; however, BAe is offering the MRA4 for export.

Upgrades over the MR.2P include a new-build larger wing and wing box, new hydraulic, fuel, and electrical systems, a two-crew flight deck, a fully integrated mission system, and four new BMW Rolls-Royce BR710 turbofans (which are 23% more powerful and 20% more efficient, and with the added full in the larger wing, substantially increase range; they will support the Nimrod MRA4 aircraft beyond the year 2030). The mission system includes a Boeing tactical command sensor subsystem, Loral Defensive Aids Sub-System, and a Smith Industries Armament Control System; however, the UYS-503 processor is not upgraded from the MR.2P. Sensors include a Racal Searchwater 2000MR radar, Elta ESM, FLIR and the MR.2P's MAD.

The flight deck features seven Sextant Avionique color LCDs, EICAS, a ring laser gyro INS with GPS navigational system a microwave landing system, and compatability with NVGs.

Prime Contractor British Aerospace
Powerplant BMW Rolls-Royce BR710; 66.3 kN (14900 lb) thrust
Maximum Speed Mach 0.77
Service Ceiling 12800 m (42,000ft)
Unrefuelled Range In excess of 11110km (6,000 nm)
Unrefuelled Endurance In excess of 14 hours
Max Take-Off Weight 104855 kg (232,315lb)
Max Payload In excess of 5450 kg (12,000lb)
Length Overall 38.63m (126ft 9 in)
Wing Span 38.71m (127ft)
Height Overall 9.14m (30ft)
Wing Area 235.8 sq.m (2538 sq.ft)
Weight Empty 46500 kg (102,516lb)
Accommodation Flightcrew of two, with an Air Electronics Officer and a seven-man tactical crew, and optionally two observers and a sonobouy loader, with accomodation for up to 13 relief crew or support personel.
Armament A wide range of current and planned anti-ship and anti-submarine weapons such as missiles, torpedoes and mines in internal bays and underwing hardpoints. External hardpoints will also support Sidwinders or ASRAAMs for self-defense.

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