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Aircraft of the Month for April 2000

Sukhoi S-80

by Alex Stoll

The Sukhoi S-80 is a multipurpose aircraft currently being developed. Development begain in 1989. Its pressurized fuselage is flanked by two booms which contain the General Electric turboprops, license-built by AO Rybinsk Motors, and the landing gear. The passengers and cargo are loaded through a door on the side of the forward fuselage and a rear cargo ramp. The ramp and the floor of the passenger/cargo compartment have removable roller tracks. There are three emergency exit doors. The propellers feature thrust reverse and emergency feathering, and an in-flight propeller synchrophasing system is provided to reduce noise. The main flight control system is duplicated and is purely mechanical, drived by rods and cables with no hydrodrives. An electrical remote control system provides aileron and rudder trim control. The S-80 is being fitted with a two-channel digital-to-analog automatic flight control system. The S-80 also features fire-prevention and de-icing systems as well as oxygen equipment. It can be operated from unprepared runways and in adverse weather. The Rockwell-Collins Pro Line 2 digital avionics system and the PNK-80 avionics suite are used.

Photo from the Central and Eastern European Business Directory
An experimental batch of S-80s is being constructed by KnAAPO, the association that produces most of Sukhoi's aircraft, in their cargo/passenger configuration to conduct static, flight and certification tests. The first prototype was built in May 1998. The first production S-80 was delivered to Moscow in January 2000 and FAR-25 Type Certification is scheduled for the end of 2002. The first flight will probably occur in May or June, 2000. Production is estimated as up to 150 aircraft for Russia and up to 190 units for export. Delta-K Inc. has expressed interest in up to 50, at about about 5.5-6 million Euros each. Russia, Lebanon, Indonesia, Brazil, and several African countries are also interested in buying S-80s. The Russian Armed Forces require about 300-400 S-80TDs and PTs.
[More construction photos: Nose | Fuselage]


Potential Variants

Photo from the Central and Eastern European Business Directory
S-80GPCargo/passenger variant intended for transportation of up to 3500 kg of freight or up to 26 passengers to anywhere in the world by day or by night under any weather conditions. The pressurised passenger/cargo cabin has a volume of 20 m3. [Exterior Photo] [Interior Photo]
S-80GRGeological reconnaissance version
S-80MMedical version
S-80PDesigned to carry passengers at regional and feeder airlines and optimized for passenger comfort
S-80PTMain variant; designed for sea and ground border patrolling for up to nine hours at a distance of 350 km by day and night, with the surveillance of air, water and ground via radio, optical and heat sensors, transportation and landing of troops and cargo, SAR, evaluation of oil and gas pipe conditions, and other special tasks; orders of up to 300 aircraft from Brazil and several African countries; unit cost of US$6-6.5 million; the bulged nose contains the "Strizh" surveillance and targeting system, developed by NPO Leninets, which included radar and IRST. [Photo]
S-80RFish detecting version
S-80TDDesigned to transport and land troops and freights; cargo compartment has special equipment that allows mechanized cargo handling; also could be used for medevac or parachutist training

Sukhoi S-80 Specifications

(VRML Copyright 2000 by Alex Stoll)
TypeMultipurpose transport aircraft
PowerplantTwo 1870hp General Electric CT7-9B or 1500hp MMPP Salut TVD-1500 turboprops driving four-blade Hamilton Standard Division 14RF-35 propellers
AccommodationTwo pilots; 19-26 passengers, or 21 paratroopers (there are plans for a stretched 32 seat version)
Armament (S-80PT)Vikhr ATGMs, Kh-29T (AS-14 'Kedge') TV-guided ASMs, Kh-35A (AS-17 'Krypton') AShMs, R-73 (AA-11 'Archer') AAMs, rockets, bombs, and depth charges on wing hardpoints
Patrol speed380km/h (236kts)
Cruise speed480km/h (259kts)
Max cruise speed535km/h (289kts)
Practical ceiling8000m (30,190 ft)
Range with 1950 kg (4300lb) payload2850km (1393nm)
Range with max payload700km (378nm)
Range with max payload and fuel reserve1250 km (776nm)
Range with max fuel load4500km (2800nm)
Patrol endurance12 hours
Takeoff run (concrete runway)555m (1821ft)
Landing run (thrust reverse)280m (919ft)
Empty, refueled6500 kg (14,320 lb)
Max payload3500 kg (7710 lb)
Landing10,400kg (22,910 lb)
MTOW12,500kg (27,590 lb)
Max Fuel2500L; 2350kg (5190 lb)
Wingspan23.16m (76ft)
Length16.68m (54ft 9in)
Height5.58m (18ft 4in)
Wing area44m² (473.7sq ft)
Cargo compartment length7.8m (25ft 6in)
Cargo compartment width2.17m (7ft 1in)
Cargo compartment height1.83m (6ft)

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